Advice on how to avoid and treat stingray stings in Texas coastal waters. David Sikes/Caller-Times
A tourist discovered just how painful an encounter with a stingray can be after the creature stung him and hooked on to his genitals while swimming in the sea.More danger: 'Sea lice' irritates swimmers at NJ beaches with itching and rashesMore: See the creatures that startled Ship Bottom beachgoersAt the Shore: Surfing dogs catch waves in Sea Bright for clean oceansIn agony, the man managed to crawl onto a beach, with the stingray still attached to his penis, the Mirror report.  Emergency workers workers in Sanya, China,  had to improvise to fully remove and unhook the spiny tail from the man's penis on Sept. 1.Afterward, although clearly in pain, the man was able to stand and was taken to a hospital for a checkup, according to the Mirror.
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